From the Mouths of the Youth: Why Register for Obamacare?

Montage: The Obamacare Vloggers

Recently President Obama invited to the White House a group of expert Youtubers who make viral videos and have substantial numbers of fans. He asked them to help get the word out about the registration deadline for Obamacare. I blogged about these vloggers here, along with resources. For today, I thought you might be interested in seeing some of what these vloggers are doing with the topic, and how the video conversation is unfolding.

March 3:

NicePeterToo: I Met the President:

March 4:

MyHarto: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy:

March 5:

Tyler Oakley: My Gossip Session With Obama:

March 6:

White House: YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House:

First posted at THL Blog:

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