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PBS: Conversation: “Health Care Reform,” The Comic Book:

After yesterday’s post about the Obamacare Vloggers, I thought, “OMG, I wasn’t thinking about MY kid and Obamacare! He’s over 18. Is HE supposed to be registering?” You see, I just assumed that because he is on my own health insurance that it’s not relevant to him. But is it? There is a lot in the news right now about Obamacare (Accountable Care Act) and youth, but it is pretty confusing and contradictory. The video at the head of the post is about a graphic novel by Jonathan Gruber that attempts to make it clear.

Book cover

Gruber’s graphic novel / comic book about Obamacare.

Gruber’s graphic novel is available on campus through the libraries, if you wish to see a copy before deciding to buy, as well as at the local public library.

Health care reform : what it is, why it’s necessary, how it works / Jonathan Gruber, with HP Newquist ; illustrated by Nathan Schreiber. At UM: At AADL:

I’m guessing there are probably also copies in local bookstores.

So, all this confusing information out there. What kind of conversation is it? There are a lot of people saying the ACA is bad for youth, is good for youth, and so forth. It’s interesting that Forbes has pieces on both sides of the debate, making it even less simple to decide. Of course, a lot of analysts are interested in the WHY of the dynamic. For me, being an economics ignoramus, the most persuasive and relevant information was in the graphic novel and my favorite infographic on the topic (not sure what that says about me!).

Infographic: How the Affordable Care Act Affects Young Adults

“There’s a scare campaign underway to make young adults worried about their health care costs.”

“The big question for young people is, ‘should I buy health insurance?’ If you have coverage either through work, the government, private insurance or are under 27 and covered under your parents policy, then you don’t need to buy health insurance.” How the Affordable Care Act Affects Young Adults

Luckily there are also some resources along the lines of Healthcare Insurance 101. Obviously, you’ll want to make your own decision, but here are some of the links I’ve been looking at while exploring this question.


Ezra Klein. Why Obamacare is good for young people. Washington Post August 19, 2013 at 11:06 am.

Anne Johnson. Obamacare Will Save Young Americans Money — Pure and Simple. Policy Mic October 7, 2013.

Todd Essig. Let’s Get Personal: Obamacare Really Is Good For The Young And Healthy. Forbes 9/29/2013 @ 12:45PM.


Napala Pratini. 4 Reasons That Young Adults Won’t Sign Up for the Affordable Care Act. NerdWallet March 1, 2014.

Chris Conover. No, Obamacare Is Not A Good Deal For Young People In The Long Run, Not Even Close. Forbes 8/23/2013 @ 6:00AM.

Rituparna Basu. Obamacare Is Really, Really Bad For You, Especially If You’re Young. Frobes 8/21/2013 @ 8:00AM.


Christian Science Monitor (CSM) has a really useful set of articles on “Obamacare 101.” My favorite parts are for college students, those who already have insurance, and those who don’t want insurance. Policy Mic also has an overview, although not was well structured and robust as the CSM one.

Obamacare 101: What to know if you already have health insurance:

Obamacare 101: What college students need to know:

Obamacare 101: What to know if you opt out of buying health insurance:

Jake Horowitz. Health Care 101: The Complete Rundown Of Obamacare You’ve Been Looking For. Policy Mic December 4, 2013.


Last, but not least, how the heck do you sign up anyway? Officially, you do so at the website, but there are ways to do so even if you don’t have access to a computer, or have problems with the website.

Obamacare 101: Seven ways you can sign up, despite Web woes:

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  3. Well, it seems to be working! Yesterday from Forbes: ObamaCare Enrollment Trending Younger As Total Tops 4.2 Million


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