April Fools Alphabet

SLBPE: Exhibits & Posters: Educational Innovations - More Alphabets

Start typing in a Chrome search bar and it starts to fill in URLs it thinks you might want, usually based on where you’ve been recently. So, here is an “Alphabet” of where I’ve been recently! Looks like most of what I do is work. Such a surprise, eh?

A is for Amazon
B is for Books
C is for CORE-Ed
D is for Doodle
E is for ETechLib (Duh!)
F is for Facebook
G is for Guides
H is for Healthfinder
I is for Images
J is for Jamendo
K is for Keep Calm
L is for Library
M is for Mirlyn
N is for News
O is for Open Badges
P is for Pubmed
Q is for “Questions to ask before surgery
R is for Rosefirerising
S is for Slideshare
T is for Twitter
U is for UMich
V is for Venngage
W is for Wunderground
X is for XKCD
Y is for Youtube
Z is for ZDnet


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