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White House Tweet on Maker Faire

Remember how I was completely blown away by the White House Maker Faire? I just couldn’t stop talking about it.

Afterwards. I was curious about their map, and where the makers seem to be. For the record, since this is all self-report for a single day, and it is measuring tweets, it’s not remotely scientific, and can not give an accurate estimate of maker communities or activity across the US. Really, what it is showing is who on Twitter was aware of the White House maker event in DC. Obviously, DC itself should be big. Since people also self-report their location, there are also strange results like people who just live in the “United States” or “California” but don’t have any other location. I’m not including them in this exercise. That all said, I don’t know of anything that does this better, so for now, it is a start.

#NationOfMakers – USA view
#NationOfMakers Redux

The top three were:
#1: Washington (257)
#2: New York (212)
#3: San Francisco (151)

Just for comparison, the top three cities in the United States by population are New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. What this hints at is that makers are apparently a separate sub-culture and not evenly distributed thoughout the US. And what it REALLY tells us is where to find a passion for making and the maker movement.

To get all of the top three cities by population included in the list of top cities for makers, but have to go a lot deeper.

1. Washington 257
2. New York 212
3. San Francisco 151
4. San Jose 95
5. Pittsburgh 72
6. Boston 70
7-8. Portland 62
7-8. Chicago 62
9. Chattanooga 51
10. Los Angeles 44

I was also interested in zooming in a little closer to home and seeing how we in Ann Arbor fit in.

East Coast view
Nation of Makers: East Coast

Michigan view
Nation of Makers: Michigan

Now, for comparison, Los Angeles has a population of 3,884,307 with 44 #NationOfMaker tweets. Ann Arbor has 117,025 with 22 #NationOfMaker Tweets (that is adding together those for A2 and those for UMich).

For every 10,000 people in the population, that gives these many tweeting makers who liked the White House Maker Faire:
Los Angeles: 0.11
Ann Arbor: 1.88

I know it doesn’t mean much, but what I’m seeing is a lot more passion for making in Ann Arbor, even though Los Angeles is in the top ten cities in the country for sheer numbers of makers, and top three in the country for population. So I’m calling this a Making Passion Score [(M/P)10,000] where M = makers and P = population of the city, adjusted by 10,000 and limited to 2 decimals. (Note 1: this does give a bias to smaller populations with a lot of excitement. Note 2: Just a hint – that tie between Portland and Chicago is going to look a bit different.) Let’s look at these again, but sorted by Maker Passion Score.

1. Washington 257 / pop. 646,449 = 3.98
2. Chattanooga 51 / pop. 173,366 = 2.94
3. Pittsburgh 72 / pop. 305,841 = 2.35
4. San Francisco 151 / pop. 837,442 = 1.80
5. Boston 70 / pop. 645,966 = 1.08
6. Portland 62 / pop. 609,456 = 1.02
7. San Jose 95 / pop. 998,537 = 0.95
8. New York 212 / pop. 8,405,837 = 0.25
9. Chicago 62 / pop. 2,718,782 = 0.23
10. Los Angeles 44 / pop. 3,884,307 = 0.11

That’s the top ten cities by number of #NationOfMaker tweets sorted by passion. If we look at it that way, Ann Arbor fits in right between Pittsburgh and San Francisco, in 4th place. Wow.

And if that isn’t persuasive evidence for the sheer passion in Ann Arbor for making, then look at this incredible list of community groups around the topic — 67 groups in categories like Coder Groups; Maker Groups; Technology Groups; Talks, Speaker Series, Un/conferences; Hackathons; Office Space, Infrastructure, Resources; Kids Hack Ann Arbor.

Josh Walker: Hack Ann Arbor: http://jshwlkr.github.io/hacka2/

What’s even MORE exciting is that Ann Arbor is just the tip of iceberg for Michigan Makers! There are active communities in Detroit, Jackson, Grand Rapids, the Upper Penisula, and much much more. For Make Health, we are reaching out to as many of these communities as we can in the time allotted. If you belong to one of these, or know someone who does, please share our contact information and help bring making for health together, so we can all help each other.

Here’s more info:

Make Health Fest
Saturday, Aug 16th, 2014
University of Michigan
Palmer Commons, Great Lakes Rooms

The Make Health Fest is a collaborative event for a local and virtual community interested in health, technology, and participatory design. Think of it as a mash-up of science fair PLUS Hands On Museum or Exploratorium PLUS do it yourself!

We are looking for both speakers and exhibitors for the event.

* If you’re gung ho and interested, please complete the official Exhibitor/Speaker sign-up form (http://bit.ly/MakeHealthExhibitorForm) to be a featured exhibitor and/or speaker at the event. Exhibitor and Speaker applications are due by Monday, July 28.

* If you’re interested, but on the fence about exhibiting or speaking just yet, complete the short interest form (http://bit.ly/MakeHealthSignUpForm).

With your help, we hope to promote learning, creating, and problem-solving through a combination of Show+Tell+Do! We’ll be featuring speakers, hands-on learning opportunities, and health innovators from across the community.

Learn More!

Make Health: http://makehealth.us/
Twitter: @MakeHealthUM
Google Plus: Make Health UM

A project of HealthDesignBy.Us
Twitter: @HealthByUs
Blog: https://medium.com/@HealthByUs/we-makehealth-fest-28ea6b472616


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