Infographic of the Week: 8 Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Beauty Cares: #1 of 8 warning signs in nine languages
Beauty Cares: 8 Warning Signs of Domestic Violence:

I was extremely impressed when I discovered the Beauty Cares: Education = Prevention Tour on the topic of domestic violence. They have a wonderful infographic that spells out eight of the most common indicators forewarning of a relationship that is more likely to become a battering relationship in the future.

There are so many things I like about this it is hard to choose where to start. I like the information, and the design. I like that they say, “DOWNLOAD AND SHARE!” at the bottom of all the graphics. I like that they translated it into so many languages (some of which you see in the picture at the top of this post).

But what I like most is how they are using this in schools. When I first saw this my first thought was, “I wish they had a full course curriculum in every high school where this image was the syllabus!” Well, they aren’t taking this that far, but they are taking it into the schools as part of a formal outreach program. I found blogposts on recent visits to four schools (with many more in the blog archive): Mary Louis Academy; Cathedral High; St. Joseph’s; & Long Island University.

Just imagine a room where a teen girl tells a story about a recent date, and other teens erupt at one point in the story, “Unhunh, girl, that’s CONTROL. He’s trying to make all your decisions. What do YOU want?” Where all the teens know these and recognize them when they see them, and get conversations going around them. It could be so powerful.

I’ve showed this to a few married couples, too. Happily married couples. It seems (in my experience) as if it is pretty normal to have a couple of these show up in a healthy relationship, every now and then, and not at extreme levels. Still, they are there. So don’t go feel like you must leave a relationship immediately if you see one of these. But if you see several of them, or any one of them is WAY over the top and out-of-control, or it doesn’t come and go but is there ALL the time … well, you might have a problem. Also, think about what are YOU doing in your relationships? How many of these do your partner have to put up with? Feeling sheepish? Well, we’re only human. But do try to be aware, and try to get it under control. If you can’t do it yourself, get help. And if your partner can’t get it under control, get help, and get out. Even if getting out is just until they do learn how to control themselves better.

But there are folk who can say it better than I can, and who know a lot more about it than I do. Here is a video from the Beauty Cares channel, followed by the complete infographic. (You were wondering what the other seven signs are, weren’t you?)

Aryn Quinn: Preventing Domestic Abuse & Teen Dating Violence


Beauty Cares: 8 warning signs of domestic violence

Beauty Cares: 8 Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence:
1. Intensity
2. Jealousy
3. Control
4. Isolation
5. Criticism
6. Sabotage
7. Blame
8. Anger


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