To Folks in SE Michigan: Help Us With #MakeHealth

We Make Health Fest #MakeHealth
We Make Health Fest:

I don’t know if you’ve checked out the website recently, but it keeps changing.

We have great keynote speakers:
José Gomez Marquez from the Little Devices Lab at MIT and John Costik, type 1 diabetes hacker, father, community collaborator, and innovator for the #wearenotwaiting movement!

We are showing a movie (don’t know if there will be popcorn, but I hope so).

Maker, the Movie (Screenshot)
Maker the Movie:

We have OUR OWN video, made by the incredible Andrew Maynard! Watch it, and share it, please!

We #makehealth Fest- August 16th!

We have a blog:

We have a DIY app contest that is do-able by anyone from kids to seniors.

The speaker list has been finalized, and those of you who are speaking should either receive a notice soon or may have already received a notice. Ditto for exhibitors. REMEMBER our mantra – SHOW+TELL+DO: Connect your booth or demo or talk to health and personal empowerment, and make booths/demos interactive with something people can take home and do themselves. If you are having trouble thinking of how to do that, talk to me and we can brainstorm a bit.

We have a PRESS KIT, and hope you will help us spread the word! Can you print and post signs around your office or department? Do you know a business owner who might put one in their window? Can you share the word at your church or grocery store or barber? Does your school or location have those monitors or wall panels that show slides?

The Press Kit includes a text description, and the poster as a PDF, a PNG, and a powerpoint slide.

Press Kit:

The event is getting media attention. We have been informed by a couple publications that they are sending or may send reporters. Pre-event articles, interviews, and blogposts are being posted at our Twitter account (@MakeHealthUM), hashtag (#MakeHealth), and Google Plus Community (+MakeHealthUM).

If you aren’t speaking or exhibiting, there are other ways you can volunteer or participate.

– Sign up as a volunteer on our website (there are things for which we still need help!)
– Blog about the event, talk it up, send email to your listservs for local community people, post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever you are using.
– Take pictures / audio / video of the event, and post them online with the hashtag and a Creative Commons license, so we can edit them together after the event into cool overviews of what happened, and make promos for outreach for next year’s event.
– TWEET. We need livetweeters for the presentations. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get a sign language interpreter for the deaf, so tweeting may be an alternate way to provide access for persons with hearing loss. I will probably be in a booth and couldn’t do the whole day anyway, but for livetweeting, more people definitely makes it better.

Many thanks! This would never have happened without you all!

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