@PfAnderson and @Atoes84 chat with #SPSM on how to respond to anonymous social media expressions of #suicide #ideation 10/5/14 9pm CST

Thanks to Dr. April Foreman for blogging about this story when I haven’t found time to do so. I am also unspeakably grateful that she EXISTS, and was available and responsive when I found myself in this situation and with these questions. Bravo, April!

Suicide Prevention Social Media #SPSM

What are the best practices for responding to anonymous (and possibly international) suicidal social media posts? Sunday, 10/5/14, 9pm CST our Suicide Prevention Social Media chat will be tackling this complex moral, ethical, and rather technical issue. Are there good international crisis resources? What are best practices? How can any “Good Samaritan” figure out how to do the right thing?
Earlier this summer, I (@DocForeman) received the following Facebook message from Patricia F. Anderson (@PFAnderson on Twitter),  an experienced alum of the Health Care Social Media  community:
“Yesterday I was checking out a new-ish anonymous social network service that my son had gotten into. Almost immediately after getting into it I saw a post “I want to die.” To make a long story short, it took 8 hours to get gender, approximate location, prior medical history & suicide attempts, and current medical history (ie. having not eaten in 5 days)…

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2 responses to “@PfAnderson and @Atoes84 chat with #SPSM on how to respond to anonymous social media expressions of #suicide #ideation 10/5/14 9pm CST

  1. Great post! I tweeted it and added it to my blog http://mcrohio.wordpress.com/ (I think the system will notify you of that.) Thanks for the “public service”. Too bad I don’t have more followers, but I’m patient. That just takes time and regular posting of worthwhile info.


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