Hashtags of the World: The #SciArt Tweet Storm

Sonobe Ball as Gift for IV

Since I’m no longer doing hashtag posts weekly, I’m revising the acronym to “Hashtags of the World” hoping to imply basically that they are interesting. They will be interesting to me, anyway! The image at the head of this post is my most popular contribution to the #SciArt Tweet storm (a.k.a. Twitterstorm).

Help Us Start a SciArt Tweet Storm: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/symbiartic/2015/03/01/sciart-tweet-storm/

#SciArt obviously stands for Science plus Art, and this week the tag is focused on creating international attention for science through the engaging lens of art and artists. Symbiartic, the group that is hosting this, has an excellent high-profile blog, hosted through Scientific American. They have a large following, a good core team, and have built strong relationships with a broad range of collaborators. All of that has come together for a phenomenal event and a trending hashtag. The stream for the hashtag is phenomenal. Here are a few of my favorites from the life sciences subset of the conversation.



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