Researchpalooza 2015!

Researchpalooza 2015Researchpalooza 2015 at a Glance

Researchpalooza! A place for the bold! The bright! The blue!

Researchpalooza is a big festival for people all around the University of Michigan campuses who are engaged with, supportive of, or otherwise a part of life sciences research. From the service side to the production side, people come out, play games and eat ice cream, and talk about the services they provide and the discoveries they’ve supported. They talk about resources, people, and places. They make new connections and foster new collaborations. People discover opportunities they weren’t aware of, get excited, and share their own passions. Basically, this is a pretty awesome event. I took a lot of pictures, and collected pictures and tweets into a portrait of the event. You can explore below, or go directly to the Researchpalooza 2015 Storify and find more.


2 responses to “Researchpalooza 2015!

  1. Thanks for doing this, Patricia! It fills me in on how things went at the ResearchPalooza (I was out of town and missed it). 🙂


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