You Gotta See This! Hacking, Making, & Innovating Health (#MakeHealth)

#MakeHealth Logo

The excitement is building! The schedule is set and the program is printed. The doors open on Sunday at 11am. People who register in advance get free food (tell your friends!). Volunteers (still room for more!) get a t-shirt with this cool logo. And here are a few highlights.

#MakeHealth 2015: Keynotes


You’ve already heard about our incredible and inspiring keynote speakers, Susannah, José, and Anna.

#MakeHealth 2015: Symposium


And you’ve already heard about the Symposium on Monday morning, where we’ll discuss the empowering Nightscout Project, in which patients and families living with diabetes have taken charge, hacked, innovated, and generally re-written the rules and tech in such a powerful way that the corporations, healthcare providers, and even the FDA have had to sit up and take notice. But there’s lots more. LOTS!

#MakeHealth 2015: Hacking


Hacking means to use things that already exist, and then re-work them to do something new. Examples from what’s coming at MakeHealth include using your cell phone to improve balance, hacking walkers, hacking our guts and our bodies to improve health.

#MakeHealth 2015: Innovating


Innovating means to make something new, to do something in a new way, to look at problems with new eyes, and to think of new solutions. Sunday you can hear from people who are using crowdfunding to solve important problems, who’ve developed new technology for testing cognitive function, gaming physical therapy, and better ways to handle jetlag.

#MakeHealth 2015: Making


Making means to make something. It might be new, it might not; it might use materials intended for that purpose, or it might involve creating new materials. In the maker movement, “making” may or may not imply novelty, but what it does imply is being able to do it yourself, to customize, to personalize. Examples from our event next Sunday include 3d printed ostomy wafers, new inexpensive prosthetics, and motion capture for real people.

You see why you need to be there? COME!

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  1. How can I help advertise this on FB? Thx!


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