Undiagnosed, Day 6-7

UPDATE Thursday & Friday, March 19-20

Some folk were worried because I didn’t update this yesterday. Yesterday I felt pretty good, as in almost normal. I got some interesting news, though. For the COVID19 testing they don’t have enough tests, so they are still mostly limiting testing to people who they know have been exposed to someone else who was tested. Part of the reason they didn’t test me was because I was so much better, but another part was because my contact? Their test wasn’t processed. Now, though, the decision was made to retest my contact, so there is still a chance I might be tested, depending on their test results. It’s a real rollercoaster ride. And we have to wait another 5 days for test results. And the test is only 60% accurate and has a lot of false negatives, so it’s really a flip of a coin.

Meanwhile, today, Friday. Last night I slept pretty well and felt pretty normal sleeping, which was the first time since this started. Woke up, ready for the day, thought I might even work out today. Then I started to feel worse again. Now, most of the original symptoms are back. Not the sore throat, and not the fever, but fatigue, chills, sinuses going, chest aching. Having just a little trouble breathing, and keeping an eye on that. Pushing ColdEeze again. Fingers crossed. Most people do worst the second week.

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