Undiagnosed, Day 8

UPDATE Saturday, March 21

I felt pretty good again by the end of the day yesterday, but I don’t trust it. Still congested, and woke up with a tiny bit of chest pain that went away after a few minutes. Didn’t even hesitate, started off my day with another ColdEeze. Last night my son coughed. And then coughed again. I made him take a ColdEeze, too.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people who are starting to use ColdEeze because of what they’ve read here, but they aren’t using it in a way that is likely to help them. I’m also seeing a LOT of price gouging online around ColdEeze, which is normally $7.99 a bag, and right now in Amazon varies from $20-$40 a bag, for 18 lozenges. That’s a lot of money for not a lot of protection. I need to do a completely separate post about ColdEeze and zinc, but for what I put here, let me keep it short. The active ingredient in ColdEeze is zinc gluconate. Research also shows that zinc acetate is effective against some coronavirus species. I don’t know about other forms of zinc. What the research shows is that these are effective against virus TRANSMISSION and REPLICATION, and that Vitamin C can block it from working. That means, it works best if you take it BEFORE you get sick, or immediately as soon as symptoms develop. If it is past 48 hours after you got sick, it’s probably too late for it to be really effective. This is probably part of why, for treating really sick people with COVID-19, the docs are having to add a second drug to the zinc to get it to work.

So, for me, why has it worked so well? I have taken a priming dose of zinc during flu season twice a week or more for over fifteen years. I always keep it in the house. I talk about it a lot, and you can find posts from me about ColdEeze going back to the dawn of social media. That means my body was ready to use zinc to the best advantage. There’s a really good chance it might not work as well for someone else. I’ll try to draw some pictures to help explain what works best and what doesn’t. I may need help from an artist, if anyone’s interested!

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