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Global Metrics for Access & Use of Social Media & Technologies

Global Digital Statistics 2014: Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014)

Consider this slide deck from We Are Social a reference resource. I know many of the departments recruit students from other parts of the world. This is a great resource to give both a high level overview of how people around the world tend to use various types of technologies, as well as a comparison metrics at the level of individual countries, so you can plan appropriate and respectful strategies for approaching a specific community. Some folk also use this to plan for travel, so they have an idea what resources will be easy to access in a given location.

They also do a lovely job of providing their sources, which are worth repeating here.

* China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC): 32nd Statistical Report on Internet Development:
* Facebook: Newsroom: Key Facts:
* International Telecommunication Union (ITU): Statistics
* Internet World Stats:
* TenCent (China):
* US CIA: World Factbook: Internet Users:
* US Census:
* VKontakte (Russia):

On the other hand, sometimes, while searching for links for these, I found other resources that are at least as useful, if not more so. Then I would also stumble on special tools, apps and infographics! Enjoy!


Internet Census 2012:

Internet Security Census 2013:

OpenNet Initiative (Internet Censorship):

Social Bakers: Facebook Statistics:

W3Techs (Web Technology Surveys): Technologies: Languages Used:

Wikipedia: Global Internet Usage:
NOTE: This one has great graphs.

World Map of Social Networks:


US Census Mobile App (dwellr):

US Census: Data Visualization of the Week: Total Population and Population Missing Due to HIV/AIDS Epidemics: 2012; Selected Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

US Census: Infographics Highlight the History and Measurement of Poverty:


Unchained: Finding Free eBooks for Pleasure and Learning

Well, it’s Enriching Scholarship week again! Today had the amazing keynote session, then I also attended the Third Century session (more on those later), and I had my first session on finding free ebooks.

From: Unchained: Finding free ebooks

“With the increasing availability and use of ebook readers and mobile devices with apps for ebooks, it makes sense to incorporate them into the educational process where possible and feasible. With the high cost of education in general, and textbooks in particular, it can be attractive to students to offer options to facilitate use of free resources. This session will showcase sources of free educational ebook content and tools for integrating them with standard ebook reader devices.”

I want to get the information out from today’s session for everyone who attended, because (since I was getting over that evil bronchitis) I didn’t have any handouts. This will be the ‘handout,’ and hopefully acceptable to all.

All the links discussed were included in a Pinterest board, with a reaction from one audience member, “But I don’t take my Pinterest class until tomorrow!” Pinterest organizes boards in reverse chronological order, and does not allow custom sorts or organization. For my board, that means the most important content is mostly at the bottom, sort of like email conversations where you need to read from the bottom up.

Brief overview of what to expect to find:
– ebook search engines
– ebook forums
– free ebook review blogs & subscription services
– how to add downloaded ebooks to your device
– search tips for finding ebooks in Amazon & Google
– free ebooks from other countries and languages

Unchained: Finding Free Books
“Resources for finding free ebooks. Please note, sites and site ownership may change. While I have tried to not include sites providing illegal copies, I cannot guaranteed the legality of any of the books you choose to download.”
All links:

But there is so much there! What is the BEST?

Here are two blogposts I did early on in my explorations, which include several of my favorites that I still use.

Unchained: Where I Get My Free Ebooks:

Cool Toys Pic of the day – 5 ebook search engines:

We also had some phenomenal insights from Kathleen Folger about the phenomenal range of ebooks available from the University Libraries! Now, while these are not the usual “free ebooks” available to the general public, these are books available to the University of Michigan community members. Here are a few resources from the UM Libraries about these.

MLibrary: Guides: Electronic Books (e-Books):

MLibrary: AAEL: How do I find ebooks?

MPublishing: Books:

Now, for the winners!

Best general reader alerting service:
A tie between Pixel of Ink and Books on the Knob. Slight edge to Pixel for their email subscription service. Significant edge to Knob for having more than Kindle!

Best source for accessible formats:
The Internet Archive: Ebook & Texts Archive

IA beats out Munsey’s with 4,498,390 items even though Munsey’s supports more formats.

Internet Archive:
HTML, PDF (color), PDF (B/W), EPUB, Kindle, Daisy, ASCII, DjVu

Munsey’s formats:
DAISY, eBookwise, EPUB, Isilo, Kindle, MOBI, MS-Reader, PDF, Plucker, Rocket, Sony, Zipped

Best free audio books source:

Best non-English language ebooks discovery tools:
Carnegie-Mellon’s Universal Digital Library

UDL beats out the anonymously produced “Free Literature” collection of sources with a full service search engine for over a million books in many languages.

Best free ebook search:

Best ebook management tool:

Most influential:
Project Gutenberg

Best overall!

Drumroll, please.

Cute baby plays drums

The Internet Archive

At the Movies: Friends and Neighbors

Pain, awards, traveling autism, morphing metadata, potentially poisoned chocolate, technology use and drug abuse … It doesn’t sound like today’s videos have anything in common, but what they share is that all of them are either by people I know personally or are from places I’ve been and loved.

Empowering People for Community Health in Manistique, Michigan

Did you see that Manistique, Michigan is one of the winners of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Roadmaps to Health Prize? How awesome is that?! Completely aside from my loving the place, and aside from my mentor Maurita Holland having a long standing relationship collaborating with the tribe mentioned in the video, it’s just a great and inspiring story. I love the line, “Teach kids skills for a lifetime,” in the context of building healthy lives. I’m excited. You can see more videos about RWJF awardees in their grantee playlist. More info about the Manistique project here at the award announcement.

The United States of Autism Official Trailer

While this isn’t exactly new as a Youtube video (originally uploaded in 2011) it is new in the sense that the movie the trailer was made for is finally actually OUT! The premiere in NYC is set for April. I found out through a Twitter friend of mine (TannersDadTim) who’s been working in support of this project for three years.

The United States of Autism: Arrange a screening:

“Follow one man’s 11,000 mile, 40 day journey across the American landscape to visit twenty families and individuals affected by autism while searching for answers for his own son. With interviews from around the nation that include the widest spectrum of backgrounds – each conducted in the participants’ original language – the film weaves a broad and compelling tapestry across the spectrum of American life in all its faiths, disparities, colors, and cultures. What he learns along the way will change not only his life, but the lives of those he meets, forever. It’s a story about the best days that still lie ahead for our nation, the families, and the people who give America its heart.”

Cataloging Unchained

This one is for the librarians and metadata geeks in the crowd, and anyone with a sense of humor. My favorite line? “Metadata is inherently lazy. It just sits there unless you make it work. [sound effect: whip cracking]” Roy Tennant and I have known each other virtually, through email lists (mostly Web4Lib) and Twitter and professional publications, but have never met in person. I am delighted to see the library geeks talking about exploding library systems out into public and collaborative spaces.

“Created by Roy Tennant to introduce his talk “Leveraging WorldCat: Data Mining the Largest Library Database in the World” at the OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting 26 February 2013.”

RiskBites: Chocolate, Lead and the Measurement Conundrum

I’m a HUGE fan of RiskBites, partly because I’m a fan of Andrew Maynard, and try to hang out over at his department on campus as much as possible. I have blogged about them here before. They just keep getting more and more interesting, and more and more intricate. This particular one is on such a great topic (chocolate!) and has really rich information resources in the video notes.

[Project] PainTrek – Mobile Pain Tracking and Analysis (Beta – v0.9)

I’ll be blogging more about this one later. Earlier this week (last week?) I livetweeted an event where this marvelous app was presented. PainTrek was the brainchild of Dr. Alex DaSilva in the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. I might add I worked in the School of Dentistry for over ten years, and have a deep and abiding love for the place and the people. Hearing Dr. DaSilva present on this and express so clearly his powerful desire to aid migraine patients didn’t do a thing to diminish that.

TEDxDesMoines – Peter Komendowski – Media Literacy: Mind Versus Mindful

Last but not least, a video from TEDxDesMoines on media literacy. I grew up about a half hour from where this was recorded. The speaker, Peter Komendowski, isn’t someone I know, but he is an activist for Drug Free Iowa and talks here about the ways in which technology can be as addictive as drugs. This seemed especially timely, given that the National Day of Unplugging was just yesterday. Here are a couple of lines I really liked from his talk. “Tightness allows for a lot of efficiencies, but is it really humane?” “Do we really understand the difference between real and virtual?”

Glass! Glass! #IfIHadGlass

How It Feels (through Glass):

When I saw this video it had officially 303 views and almost 7 thousand likes. Not quite sure how they managed that. I do suspect that the views are going to skyrocket at some point.

Google Glass video

My stream in Google Plus this morning is almost nothing but buzz about Google Glasses. Since I am inexplicably unable to see my Facebook and Twitter streams, I don’t know what’s going on there, but I suspect it is similar.

One of THOSE days ...

The buzz is because the mythic Google Glasses are about to get out where REGULAR folk can see them. They are asking for folk to apply to get a pair (in 50 words or less) via social media. (Please note, this is NOT my application.)

What would you do if you had Glass? Answer with #ifihadglass.

I don’t expect that I will get one, since I don’t have a good track record for getting “freebies” of any sort, but I bet some of you will, and I want you to have the chance. Oh, do please read the fine print, this is NOT a freebie. You have to pay $1,500, live in the USA, and be able to fly to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York to pick it up. Me, single mom of special needs kid, not gonna happen. So I have nothing to lose by pushing the info out to all of you, and hoping one of my friends gets one and will tell me ALL about it!

As I scan the stream for creative ideas being listed, I am seeing an enormous number of folk talking about capturing moments with family and loved ones (especially births!), and memory aid & notetaking, as well as travel of all sorts and mapping. Also mentioned often, of course, were sales, marketing, and porn. 😉 Here are some of the less common ideas I’ve seen and which have impressed me.

EDUCATION: In the classroom, for kids, language learning, journalism in context, and more (Alexandria Mooney and Chase Masters and Francine Hardaway)

PEOPLE: Street photography (and anthropology type investigations) (JJ Bentley and Renat Zarbailov)

FOOD: Cooking instruction & management (Rebecca Otis, Lauren Atkins, and
Jake Croston)

#AR/GAMES FOR LEARNING: Augmented reality role-playing game for learning in the forest (Luka Leduc-Boutin)

WORK: Integration with job functions for construction & architecture, hazardous waste management training (Kevin Reedy and Mark Dunton)

HEALTH: Life as a patient with an invisible disability or a child with special needs
(Frank Garufi Jr. and
Lori Friedrich)

(This is what I would want to do – show folks what city life is like with no car, with a kid with special needs, helping folk find/use/understand health information and work with their healthcare teams. I’d also LOVE to see some scientists get one for a day-in-the-life 365 type of project. And I can’t wait to see what real artists do with creating new unexpected kinds of artwork and storytelling. Perhaps relive re-enact historical events? And the so obvious extension of the Virtual Photowalks project, expanding the lives of the homebound. And please give one to an astronaut, ok? And a hospice worker. And an inner city kid, if you can keep them alive long enough to use it without it getting stolen or broken. Lives that are going unseen, stories that are going untold and unwitnessed.)

And possibly the least inspirational and most amusing:

HUMOR: “i would never have a problem with bad customers because i would replace their heads with rubber chicken masks so i could retain my customer service smile.”
Matthew Stone

Elliot Soloway at Enriching Scholarship 2012 #UMTTC

[Want to influence the #UMTTC series of blogposts? Read the recap or Vote here This is one of the posts that people voted for me to write.]


Tweets from Elliot Soloway’s keynote presentation at Enriching Scholarship 2012, University of Michigan.

edusaurusrex Excited for the start of Enriching Scholarship this week! #UMTTC On my way to the poster fair/keynote

UMTTC Enriching Scholarship 2012 starts today! Remember, official hashtag is #umttc Keynote with Elliot Soloway @ 9am

UMich_CRLT Really interesting research presented at today’s enriching scholarship poster fair in Rackham’s lobby ! #umttc

britain At Rackham for the #umttc keynote. Pretty excited to hear Dr. Soloway — it’s thanks in large part to him, that I’m leading 3 ES sessions.

pfanderson Possibly livetweeting Enriching Scholarship off and on this week. Keynote is Elliot Soloway in 10 minutes #umttc #es12 #education #mobile

UMTTC Enriching Scholarship keynote begins in a few! #umttc

pfanderson Elliot Soloway & Paul Courant as keynote introduction in progress #umttc

Enriching Scholarship 2012

g333 Laurie Sutch opens the #UMich #UMTTC Enriching Scholarship keynote:

Enriching Scholarship 2012

pfanderson Here for Enriching Scholarship #umttc #es12 (@ Rackham Amphitheatre) [pic]:

pfanderson .@courant46 talks on the passion of faculty for learning about teaching, learning from each other #umttc

billchase2edu RT @g333: Laurie Sutch opens the #UMich #UMTTC Enriching Scholarship keynote:

UMich_CRLT Paul Courant is enthusiastically highlighting how much #UMich instructors care about good teaching #umttc

UMTTC RT @UMich_CRLT: Paul Courant is enthusiastically highlighting how much #UMich instructors care about good teaching #umttc

UMTTC RT @g333: Laurie Sutch opens the #UMich #UMTTC Enriching Scholarship keynote:

pfanderson #umttc Award 1: Experiencing true engineering earlier, teaching high school students > “Kids, science is COOL” project, Getting ppl to CARE

pfanderson Award #2: Physics irony in statistics > Better than expected, Tim McKay; David Gerdes > learning analytics 4 personalized instruction #umttc

pfanderson I cdnt hear but Award 3 = Screencasting to change learning, differences in prior knowledge less impt in outcomes #umttc “Save the world”

pfanderson Award #4: Kathleen Sinko (sp) design equip 4 use in places w/o resources, 3rd world countries. Matching learning to real world needs #umttc

grizzlybeals #umttc Paul Courant says your mission, should you choose to accept “Save the world”

pfanderson RT @grizzlybeals: #umttc Paul Courant says your mission, should you choose to accept “Save the world”

UMTTC RT @grizzlybeals: #umttc Paul Courant says your mission, should you choose to accept “Save the world”

pfanderson #umttc Award #5: Teaching Smarter, not harder, thru interactivity “Secret sauce to productivity is to harness the intelligence of the stdts”

billchase2edu Paul Courant discusses how important teaching is to #UMich instructors. #UMTTC

UMich_CRLT Elliot Soloway’s keynote address underway #umttc

pfanderson David Gerdes & Tim McKay with their awards in their lap #umttc

Enriching Scholarship 2012

humbledaisy RT @UMich_CRLT: Elliot Soloway’s keynote address underway #umttc

UMTTC RT @umich_crlt: Elliot Soloway’s keynote address underway #umttc

UMich_CRLT Elliot Soloway and Paul Courant are performing like this is an audition for a stand-up reality show #umttc

pfanderson Earlier version of Elliot Soloway’s slides (PDF) #umttc

pfanderson Another earlier version of Elliot Soloway’s keynote slides (pdf) #umttc

pfanderson RT @UMich_CRLT: Elliot Soloway and Paul Courant are performing like this is an audition for a stand-up reality show #umttc

edusaurusrex Anyone inspired by Soloway’s ES keynote on mobilism should check out the UM Mobile Users Group #umttc

g333 Elliot Soloway discusses the topics of today’s keynote at #UMTTC Enriching Scholarship. #UMich #highered

billchase2edu RT @g333: Elliot Soloway discusses the topics of today’s keynote at #UMTTC Enriching Scholarship. #UMich #highered

pfanderson Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns #umttc

UMich_CRLT Soloway: def of DISRUPTIVE change => new tech+new process (instead of new tech+old process, which is the def of automation) #umttc

pfanderson Predictor of success in online classes? “The strength of the mother, to badger the child” #umttc

pfanderson Slides were found by searching his tagline on the intro slide “intergalactic center for mobile learning” #umttc PPT version also avail

UMich_CRLT MT: “@pfanderson: Soloway’s Predictor of success in online classes? “The strength of the mother, to badger the child” #umttc”

pfanderson Stanford: The computer scientists were making all the announcements about innovation in education. #umttc

pfanderson ES: “Were you asked about Coursera?” Audience: “No!” ES: “Thank you.” #umttc

UMich_CRLT RT @pfanderson: Slides were found by searching his tagline on the intro slide “intergalactic center for mobile learning” #umttc PPT version also avail

pfanderson The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out #umttc

pfanderson ES: There are 85 institutions that have lasted longer than 500 yrs. 75 of them are universities. #umttc

pfanderson ES: “Bring your own device is unstoppable” 5 Take-Aways from Edubloggercon #umttc

UMich_CRLT RT @pfanderson: ES: There are 85 institutions that have lasted longer than 500 yrs. 75 of them are universities. #umttc

pfanderson Alternative to BYOD? CLASSROOM IN A BOX, not device in your pocket #umttc

pfanderson ES: Technology bond at A2: what are they doing? upgrades, replacements #umttc Needs to be a CURRICULUM initiative, not tech

pfanderson ES: Public schools: “They don’t know what 2 do w/ tech, so they ban it.” URGH! #umttc We have 2 get involved, change it. Singapore gets it.

juliewbee RT @pfanderson: ES: There are 85 institutions that have lasted longer than 500 yrs. 75 of them are universities. #umttc

pfanderson ES: “We worked in Detroit for 10 years, and it was great, until they threw us out.” #umttc 75% dropouts in Detroit

pfanderson ES: “Is it going to be the old pedagogy with the new technology? Or new pedagogy?” “The computers are bigger than the kids!” #umttc

UMich_CRLT New Tech= 1:1 + new pedagogy, where new pedagogy is learning by doing -Soloway #umttc

pfanderson ES: Didactic instruction: “Teaching is telling. If the kids don’t understand, say it louder.” #umttc

pfanderson ES: Use new tech w/ old methods of instruction, impact = 0 #umttc

billchase2edu RT @UMich_CRLT: New Tech= 1:1 + new pedagogy, where new pedagogy is learning by doing -Soloway #umttc

pfanderson “Supplemental use vs essential use” For impact, make the tech ESSENTIAL not incidental to learning. #umttc

pfanderson How People Learn #umttc

pfanderson ES quotes fr Dewey: “the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking… learning naturally results.” #umttc

UMich_CRLT The Dewey quote Soloway just presented similar to distinction between learning to write (H.S.) and writing to learn (first-yr comp) #umttc

pfanderson Ownership & use made essential to learning (“essential use”) empowers stdts to take charge of their own learning #umttc

g333 How mobile technology helps teachers enact learning by doing. – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

billchase2edu RT @g333: How mobile technology helps teachers enact learning by doing. – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

pfanderson ES: Mobilism is cross cultural, cross platform. Mark Anderson: 3 platforms: mobile, tablet (“carry along”), laptop. #umttc

rkniemer ES talks about mobile as something you don’t even think about having, but without pockets, women need bags for phones just as iPads #umttc

pfanderson ES: 73% of Apple’s revenue comes from peripherals & mobile devices, now richer than the US government. #umttc

pfanderson Horace Dediu, Asymco (Asymmetric Collaboration) #umttc

nigelcameron Let #pockets be: RT @rkniemer: without pockets, women need bags for phones just as iPads #umttc

pfanderson June 8 of this year, Dediu predicts we’ll stop calling smartphones smart and just call them phones #umttc

UMich_CRLT ES: Horace Dediu is THE expert on mobile technologies, #umttc

g333 Smartphones vs. feature-phones – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

billchase2edu RT @g333: Smartphones vs. feature-phones – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

billchase2edu RT @pfanderson: June 8 of this year, Dediu predicts we’ll stop calling smartphones smart and just call them phones #umttc

pfanderson Flurry Mobile Application Analytics #umttc

pfanderson ES teaches the smartphone app development class in School of Engineering. #umttc DoGood app made $100K

pfanderson ES: “These kids’ starting salaries are higher than yours now, and you’re ancient!” Audience laughs. #umttc

billchase2edu “If you have drinking water, you have a phone.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

pfanderson ES: Texting shorthand makes teachers wince, but it is what the kids do. Yep. Need to know both “are” and “r” #umttc

vic_divecha Soloway giving one of the best keynotes ever. #umttc could not have chosen a better speaker.

juliewbee Bummed that I couldn’t go to the ES keynote today. Google migration is all-consuming. #umttc

UMich_CRLT “mobile technologies r transformative”, ES knows his whole audience cringed #umttc

BrianSMcGowan #TYVM RT @pfanderson: ES: Texting shorthand makes teachers wince, but it is what the kids do. Yep. Need to know both “are” and “r” #umttc

pfanderson ES: Cognitive, learn in context, talk/team/collaborate, all-time-everywhere learning, “mobile devices are not just computers” #umttc

pfanderson RT @UMich_CRLT: “mobie technologies r transformative”, ES knows his whole audience cringed #umttc

pfanderson ES: DIRECT ACCESS, not mediated by teacher, textbook, classroom, librarian … after school learning still lives #umttc

UMich_CRLT Essential use of mobile tech: 1) cognitive – kids have direct and immediate access to info, data events, locations #umttc

pfanderson ES: “Learning is NOT inert facts.” “When is the war of 1812? Oh, yeah, yeah, I got it.” laughter #umttc

UMich_CRLT 2nd mechanism of essential use: learning in context, take pics of root system of plants outside classroom #umttc

pfanderson Soloway keeps waving around his Samsung Galaxy. loves it. Tempting #umttc

pfanderson RT @UMich_CRLT: Essential use of mobile tech: 1) cognitive – kids have direct and immediate access to info, data events, locations #umttc

UMich_CRLT 3rd mechanism of essential use: social – discuss, collaborate, work as teams #umttc

pfanderson ES: Not “I teach” but “We learn”. Wish I was better at that. #umttc Social nature of learning is POWERFUL.

UMich_CRLT 4th mechanism of essential use: ALL the time, EVERYWHERE learning #umttc

g333 “All the time, everywhere learning. This is mobile technology.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

UMich_CRLT 5th mech of essential use: mobile devices are BETTER than laptops, have other tools, compasses, GPS, pedometers #umttc

billchase2edu RT @g333: “All the time, everywhere learning. This is mobile technology.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

pfanderson ES: “Participatory simulations” Arduino board w/ heart rate monitor wired to phone so kids track vitals during activity. #umttc

UMich_CRLT RT @pfanderson: ES: Not “I teach” but “We learn”. Wish I was better at that. #umttc Social nature of learning is POWERFUL.

pfanderson ES: Setting up speech recognition for kids to report food they ate, calories. They won’t look it up in a list. #umttc #hcsm Energy Dashboard

pfanderson RT @g333: “All the time, everywhere learning. This is mobile technology.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

rkniemer Second time I’ve heard about the usefulness of Arduino today #umttc

pfanderson ES: Watches running Android. So yr watch has radio in it. Sends data. These kinds of devices are going to explode in next 12 months #umttc

pfanderson @rkniemer I love Arduino applications, especially Lilypad used in garments 🙂 #umttc

UMich_CRLT ES just gave a shout out to his students 🙂 #umttc

grizzlybeals #umttc Interested in smartphone hacking? should check out IOIO for android

billchase2edu The @pebblewatch made Elliot Soloway’s #UMTTC keynote presentation! #UMich (Can’t wait to receive mine!)

derekbruff @UMich_CRLT In this post,, I propose five types of mobile learning that align well with Soloway’s. #umttc

pfanderson Cooties simulation maps spread of virtual germs #umttc

UMich_CRLT Participatory simulations on mobile device: great example is studying spread of disease #umttc

pfanderson ES: “I used to be dead set against games in school. I was stupid. I didn’t get it.” #umttc

pfanderson RT @grizzlybeals: #umttc Interested in smartphone hacking? should check out IOIO for android

pfanderson RT @billchase2edu: The @pebblewatch made Elliot Soloway’s #UMTTC keynote presentation! #UMich (Can’t wait to receive mine!)

pfanderson @billchase2edu So grateful you tipped me off to @pebblewatch Been raving about it! #umttc

pfanderson RT @billchase2edu: “If you have drinking water, you have a phone.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

UMich_CRLT RT @pfanderson: ES: “I used to be dead set against games in school. I was stupid. I didn’t get it.” #umttc

pfanderson ES: “Why will kids do homework (more time) on tablet/phone than on paper?” Who cares why? They do! #umttc

pfanderson ES: Little boy hugged telco rep as he handed out devices. Telco reps are not used to being hugged. #umttc

UMich_CRLT ES makes argument that with mobile devices, students spend more time on task. Probably true, not always true with other tech innov. #umttc

UMich_CRLT “@derekbruff: @UMich_CRLT See also my #EDUSprint posts, one for each type of mobile learning: =)” #umttc

grizzlybeals RT @pfanderson: ES: Little boy hugged telco rep as he handed out devices. Telco reps are not used to being hugged. #umttc

pfanderson 12yo boy: “I want 2 thank all of the adults here 4 bringing smartphones into R school & giving us this opportunity 2 help us learn.” #umttc

billchase2edu “If you ban the phone, you ban me. Because the phone is me.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

pfanderson ES: “It’s a very short jump from ban-the-phone to ‘you’re banning me.’ Because the phone IS me for these kids.” #umttc

UMich_CRLT Banning mobile devices equates to banning what kids enjoy – ES #umttc

ecoknowgrapher RT @pfanderson: ES: “It’s a very short jump from ban-the-phone to ‘you’re banning me.’ Because the phone IS me for these kids.” #umttc

pfanderson 10 Barriers to adoption: Lack of vision/leadership/$; CURRICULUM (4&5); change is hard; ecology; history; time; assessment #umttc

pfanderson RT @billchase2edu: “If you ban the phone, you ban me. Because the phone is me.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

UMich_CRLT Teachers need help to change pedagogy to integrate mobile devices into curriculum; it’s about integration not adding tech. #umttc

pfanderson I must confess I was really unsure about ES as keynote speaker. I am persuaded. This has been great. #umttc

pfanderson ES: Common Core. Sounds like a great idea. BUT … assessments are on PCs, ltd $ 4 tech, so driving schools BACKWARDS #umttc

billchase2edu “Within 3 years, every student, every grade, every school worldwide, will be using a mobile learning device, 24/7.” – Soloway #UMTTC #UMich

pfanderson Korea scooped the world > South Korean school textbooks will be all digital by 2015: #umttc

pfanderson CP Snow, The Two Cultures #umttc

pfanderson ES: “I bring a new device home to show my wife” Bounces around. Wife: “Stop and have dinner.” ES: “But I RLY love these!” #umttc

wizzyrea RT @pfanderson: ES: “It’s a very short jump from ban-the-phone to ‘you’re banning me.’ Because the phone IS me for these kids.” #umttc

pfanderson ES: It’s the video stuff is cheap, it’s easy. Drills. I’m terrified of this. Misses underlying concepts. Watching 17 times won’t help #umttc

pfanderson ES: “Are the teachers willing to do it?” Aud: “We will GET teachers who are willing.” #umttc

pfanderson Excellent question abt students critical thinking in evaluating found content. Teacher as GUIDE. #umttc Can’t be stdt alone w/ device

UMich_CRLT Great question about whether students have skills to evaluate what they are finding on their phones #umttc

UMich_CRLT RT @pfanderson: Excellent question abt students critical thinking in evaluating found content. Teacher as GUIDE. #umttc Can’t be stdt alone w/ device

pfanderson Aud: You don’t know what you’re browsing for. Go to the library, find the answer in the book next to the one you looked for. #umttc

pfanderson The CP Snow pic that Soloway loves (showing the guy asleep next to CP) #umttc

pfanderson ES: Kids self-police re. distractability. “If we weren’t doing this we’d txt, but this is more interesting.” Learning is fun. #umttc

jyokley RT @pfanderson: ES: “It’s a very short jump from ban-the-phone to ‘you’re banning me.’ Because the phone IS me for these kids.” #umttc

jyokley RT @pfanderson: ES: “Why will kids do homework (more time) on tablet/phone than on paper?” Who cares why? They do! #umttc

pfanderson Julie: What about learning disabilities? ES: Summit Kids were on task for over an hour. This works BEST for SPED #umttc

pfanderson ES: “Here’s what yr kid wrote.” Parent: “But our kid doesn’t write.” Prof: “Ah, but he does on the smartphone” #umttc

pfanderson That’s the question. Where is the money in publishing? Why would ppl write a book now, via social media, blogs, etc? #umttc

nigelcameron On and on: RT @pfanderson: #Korea scooped the world > South Korean school textbooks b all digital by 2015: #umttc

pfanderson Community HS “All the groovy arty kids are learning science, but they don’t think they’re learning science because it’s easy” #umttc

MichelleRodems Great #umttc backchannel! Thanks for sharing! #pd

UMich_CRLT RT @MichelleRodems: Great #umttc backchannel! Thanks for sharing! #pd

pfanderson Now Soloway is raving about the Lumia 900 #umttc $100 project for iPad Why not build in?

nigelcameron Wonderful: RT @pfanderson: The CP Snow pic that Soloway loves (showing the guy asleep next to CP) #umttc

pfanderson Soloway answering questions after talk is over #umttc

science4care @drclaire Made us think of you ( @pfanderson It’s a very short jump from ban-the-phone to ‘you’re banning me’ #umttc

Hangout for Health

MUST SEE! This is possibly one of the finest uses of healthcare social media I’ve seen.

When I popped into Google+ for my daily visit, Gary Levin (doctor) was in a Hangout with Harold Carey Jr. (educational technology consultant). In a magpie moment, I was immediately distracted by what they’d been posting in their streams. That was how I found this treasure.

Virtual Photo Walks
Virtual Photo Walks:

Virtual Photo Walks provides interactive live tours of both nature and exotic locations to invalids and shut-ins for whom travel is at best difficult and more likely impossible. They use Hangout on Air to broadcast this to the broadest possible audience, and then archiving in Youtube for future reference (if you missed it). WOW!

This all began with John Butterill and Corey Fisk. In the picture above, do you see the lady with magenta hair and the purple and green outfit? That’s Corey. They met on Google Plus, and John invited here on a photo walk, where they proceeded to bicker amiably about what were interesting shots. He’s a photographer and had his own ideas about what made interesting shots. Corey would zing back with statements like, “I like ugly old boathouses.”

Virtual Photo Walks Make Photography Accessible to People with Disabilities:

+c.corey fisk mobile photo-walk:

Then John tried it again with a young boy in the hospital for his monthly medical infusion for Crohn’s Disease.

They set up a Google+ page to coordinate these, put out calls for volunteers to take people on walks. Ideas included nature walks, remote locations, tourist hot spots, museums (although be careful to get permission in advance, since some museums have been known to confiscate cameras), exhibits, events, and more. As of today they have had photo walks ranging from showing off a new extra-speedy wheelchair to the mountains of Utah. Yesterday they were in Rome. In just over a half hour they’ll be in Australia. My favorite line from the page is, “I have something to do! Do you know how much that meant to me?”

The idea has started getting a bunch of press, including a post from Gary Levin.

Virtual Photo Walk Helps Invalids Experience Nature:

Canadian’s ingenuity broadens horizon of shutterbugs with disabilities:

Vancouver Sun: Gallery: Virtual photo walks:

I am absolutely thrilled by all of this. I love the idea, I love bringing interactive access to persons who are homebound for whatever reason. That is part of why I love Second Life, which does such an excellent job in this area. Of course, though, this (like curb cuts) simply heightens awareness of a resource that makes access and life easier for many many other people as well. I could see using this to do tours of campus for students, bringing exhibits and campus presentations to off campus audiences.

Do you have some grand idea how you could use this concept? Instructions are available here.

Create your own +Virtual Photo Walks setup for less than $10:

Google Hangout on Air Getting Started

Occupied? Or Censored?! Veterans & Librarians Protest (UPDATED AGAIN!)

While working on the Veterans Day posts, my attention was drawn once again to the Occupy Wall Street saga. I had blogged this almost two months ago in my other blog.

Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Wall Street Protest Censorship(?) Countered by Social Media #OccupyWallStreet

This time, I’ve been watching through the activities of military veterans and related protection & service professions.

Occupy Facebook

I’ve also been occasionally dipping into the activities of Occupy Wall Street via the Vibe app, as a remote lurker, and there is a whole other post coming on apps and the Occupy movement.

Cool Toys Pic of the day - Vibe

Then this morning two stories passed through my stream that really blew my mind. The first one came across one of my poetry lists.

Huffington Post: The Police Riot at Berkeley: If They’ll Beat a Poet Laureate, Will They Kill a Student?

There were two specific parts that grabbed my attention.

“He was the first of a number of students that had to be taken to the hospital that day. As you can see from the video, neither he, nor any of the other students being beaten with batons strike back at the police with violence. Instead, you can see him, barely able to stand, gingerly raise a peace sign after being repeatedly struck on the head, neck, ribs, and legs. ”

“When the police violence occurred again later that night, they broke the ribs of another English professor, poet Geoffrey O’Brien. When the police wouldn’t stop beating him even after he too had fallen to the ground, a good friend and fellow graduate student, Ben Cullen, rushed in and demanded that they stop. The police, in turn, rained multiple blows on him, bruising his ribs as well. And just in case it’s not clear yet that the violence was not only against ‘some kids looking to make a fuss,’ the police also thought it necessary to jab 70-year-old former Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Hass several times in the stomach with a baton as well.”

Then the news started flying about about the NYPD destruction of the ad hoc Occupy Wall Street Library created as a reference tool and resource by and for the protestors.

Occupy Wall Street Library: URGENT: Raid of Occupy Wall Street


Emotional Night in Liberty Square:


Let me back up just a bit and talk about the library itself. Many of the books were donations, but many were also ordered.

L9987523 B&WOccupyWallStreet21_003.JPG

They’ve been doing all the good librarian and good open / transparency things, by cataloging their collection and making the catalog available to the public via LibraryThing. If you are curious what sort of content they had in their library (up until last night, that is) it is easy enough to find out.

OWS Library: Collection:

From Harlequin romances & children’s books to New York tourist content, from ethics & history to economics & politics, it was a very broad range. Sometimes “was” is a sad, sad word. What did the library do? Well, reference for one thing, but if you want to know why there are libraries at MANY of the Occupy sites, you should read these two posts from their blog.

“There is a library because we are here and knowledge is necessary for survival.”

OWS Library: The Power of Information:

“Guerrilla libraries exist for many reasons:
– To meet the information needs of a hard to reach group
– To surprise and entertain
– To enhance people’s enjoyment of an event
– To educate and inform as conveniently as possible
– To offer a common space for education and intellectual engagement outside of traditional spaces like universities and public libraries”

Occupy Libraries: Guerrilla Librarianship for the People:

This isn’t just one library, mind you. They have an entire movement getting going to try to create libraries to restore the origins of the public library movement.

GalleyCat: Build a Digital People’s Library:

Now the raid last night when the entire collection was forcibly withdrawn and put in the trash was not the first time NYPD had attempted to shut down the library. Earlier efforts were a little more subtle. Take the tarps, and the books will be damaged by the weather, and then no one will have them, right? But folks got more tarps.


There is a rumor that the books were discarded because “Bloomberg thinks books are a health hazard.”

A notice was posted that the content would be stored and could be retrieved by the property owners, however this doesn’t seem to be what actually happened.

OWS Library: Eviction Notice & Property Removal

Frankly, if they had removed the library to a secure location for later retrieval, I personally would not be half so upset. There is something about putting books in the trash that gets to me.

Right now, #thepeopleslibrary is exploding on Twitter. I don’t know how many tweets because my search couldn’t handle the stream. There have been, as of this writing, 1381 since midnight. People are paying attention, and it isn’t just activists and librarians. And of course there are already plans to rebuild the library.

So, if you are curious about this and want more info beyond what’s above, here are more resources.

Facebook: Occupy Wall Street Library:

Twitter: OWS Library:!/OWSLibrary

So what did the poets have to say? This was being sent around last time I looked.

Let America Be America Again
by Langston Hughes

UPDATE, Nov 15, 2011, 5 hours later

The good news for me is that the library was NOT completely put in the dumpsters, as was reported.

@NYCMayorsOffice: Property from #Zuccotti, incl #OWS library, safely stored @ 57th St Sanit Garage; can be picked up Weds

NYC Mayors Office: The #OWS Library Preserved

UPDATE, Nov 17, 2011, 2 days later

It is really, really hard for me to believe this. From 5000 books to 100 books, and then again to none. Here is what the library looked like yesterday morning.

OWS People's Library, November 16th, 2011

And then:

“The NYPD seized the People’s Library again tonight. We set up the library again today with 100 books, and the police came over this evening and stood in a line around the books, blocking anyone from reaching the books by creating a fence with their batons. The officers then ordered the Brookfield property sanitation crew to throw them in a trash can. We photographed it all, and video is available on the blog here. The police were asked why they were taking the books and one officer said “I don’t know.””
OWS Library: Your Library in the News:

The REPEATED destruction of the OWS Library is being described as dystopian and surreal. It certainly seems so to me.

Plain Language Medical Dictionary iPhone App

This is just a placeholder. We have a real press release coming, but the app is in the store and I couldn’t wait to tell people.

I’ve talked about the Plain Language Medical Dictionary before. Many times. The Taubman Health Science Library as a whole are proud of this, and the project moved onward from the widget to an iPhone app and an Android app. Well, this week the iPhone app completed the approval process and actually made it into the App Store!


4blog, Plain Language Medical Dictionary

4blog, Plain Language Medical Dictionary

4blog, Plain Language Medical Dictionary

eBooks for Disaster & Crisis Response

About two weeks ago I received a new iPad. It isn’t actually mine — it is for a work project — but I will be the person using it and giving it a home for the coming year, so it kind of feels like mine anyway. It has taken a couple weeks to work out getting the device to talk to local networks (still troubleshooting some) and getting account set up to buy apps, so I’ve started off very low key with free stuff.

Something I’ve been thinking about ever since Hurricane Katrina is how to come up with an information device to support crisis & disaster response. The original thought came from a scenario in which a doctor was in the Superdome, his smartphone died because of no power to charge the battery, and he needed just a very few resources to be able to help the people around him who were injured, ill, or suffered from chronic conditions. Librarians around the country mobilized to order on Amazon copies of the works he needed, which were shipped rush to the Superdome, arriving (you guessed it!) the day people left the Dome. Oh.

What I wanted to see what a device with a long battery life, that could be recharged by solar or crank, that could be stuffed with essential disaster/crisis response information (selected by teams of experts), with the ideal being that these devices would be carried by all first responders and preferably anyone else who wanted to have one.

With that in the back of my mind, the first thing I did with the new iPad was stuff it full of books. Given that I had only marginal and minimal network access and no funds for the device, until yesterday anyway, I started with free things. I wanted to report out on that part before I start spending money. So, the question was: What old books or free might be useful in a crisis even today?

I started with general categories of topics I could find in the free section of the Kindle store that seemed relevant.


A couple topics which seemed relevant in longer disaster recovery situations, but for which I could not find free content, included candlemaking and soap making. There probably is something that I just haven’t found yet.

Entertainment was the easiest section for which to find content. I included:

Bible & other holy books
Children’s books
Inspirational & Philosophy
Myths and legends
Nursery rhymes
Poetry (especially rhyming)

Here are a few specific titles that I’ve actually skimmed and found worth keeping.

Camp life in the woods and tricks of traps and trap making
Canned fruit, preserves and jellies, household methods of preservation
Emergency childbirth, a reference guide for students
Everyday foods in wartime
Field and garden vegetables of America
Handwork in wood
Woodcraft by George Washington Sears
Wild Flowers Worth Knowing

I hope to expand this list as I have time to review more titles. I’d love it if people would recommend other titles they think would fit in the scope of this. I’d like to see a core set of materials, a mini-library, that people could just grab and download, and EVERYONE have them, or which are preloaded on the devices. When I tested this out, I downloaded about 250 books to start with, and the memory on the iPad went from 28.7G to 27.3G. We could load a LOT of useful books. The biggest problem I found was that the free ebook apps on the iPad I tested did not support tagging or sorting or creating booklists to make it easy to find what you need in a hurry.

Also, I understand that the military has a partial set of something relevant for battlefield quick reference. I bet that would have a lot of useful content. Wouldn’t it be great if the government and libraries and public health organizations partnered on creating a collection of this sort, free to download from

Senate Hearings on Social Media for Crisis Response

I just finished watching the Senate hearings and testimony on the power of social media for crisis and disaster response. This was one of the most important webinars or workshops I’ve seen recently.

Unfortunately, because of the new Twitter policies, there is no easy way to grad the Twitter stream from the conversation, but I did use brute force to capture my portion of it, and re-sort it in appropriate time order. You can find that below, for a quick overview of the highpoints. Meanwhile, the video is archived at C-Span for your viewing pleasure.

Watching The power of social media in #disasters Senate hearings #sememhill #smem
Hunh? “I’ve been able to visit Google and other social media companies” I suppose, broadly defined, Google might be in #socmed #smem
RT gilliatt Web Users Increasingly Rely on Social Media to Seek Help in a Disaster #smem
New: #socmed gives lack of control, provides 2-way communication. Gov tends to force people to accommodate them, not the reverse #smem
Crowdsourcing, many people can find better solutions, especially in crisis. “We need to innovate faster than the speed of government.” #smem
Disaster survivors don’t need pretty pictures. They need easy access to core information via mobile & smart phones. #smem Phones as sensors
RT ARCNorthCountry @CraigatFEMA We are using #SMEM right now for flood response! We in the #SMEM community owe so much to your forward thinking! -@zborst
“The public is a resource, not a liaibility.” @craigatfema “rather than making them fit our traditional models” #smem
“I actually do my own tweets.” says @CraigAtFEMA, “and I don’t tweet about me, I tweet about things I think are interesting.” #smem
LOL! @craigatfema is explaining hashtags in simple language for the uninitiated #smem
RT @TheFireTracker2 Craig talking about #SMEM community in testimony #smemhill
[Q: Did they have this stuff during Katrina?] Answer: Yes. I remember doc whose cell phone died while he was locked in Superdome, couldn’t recharge battery #smem @craigatfema
RT kc5fm is a USA example. #SMEM #smemhill
RT @YatPundit the first crowdsourced discussion should be how to make senators and congresscritters listen to the innovations #smem
@YatPundit That is the whole point of these Senate hearings. So incredibly delighted this is happening! Hope @FDA is watching #smem
RT joelepalmer @craigatfema – in discussions to add cell phone charging capability to phone banks for survivors of disasters #smem #smemhill
Computer crashed so I am playing catch up with #smem tweets.
RT CyberlandGal @CraigatFEMA says will approve good, bad & ugly comments on FEMA pages & respond 2 some, not all. Only remove offensive 1s #smem #smemhill
Next panel: Renee Preslar, @sdefrancis from @RedCross, Shona Brown of @Google, Heather Blanchard @CrisisCommons #smem
RT kc5fm Next up @rpreslar from #Arkansas #SMEM #smemhill
OMG, the National Weather Service was not on social media at that time, so Arkansas did it for them. #smem
RT sdefrancis My #Senate testimony today will highlight how social media communities are helping @redcross in disasters #smemhill #smem
There were 2.3 million retweets of @RedCross text donation requests, 42% under the age of 24. #smem
Did anyone else lose audio? #smem
RT dgcoem Where can we find the @RedCross survey on social media results online? #SMEM
Repeat: here are twitter handles for current panel @rpreslar @sdefrancis @poplifegirl (Cd not find Shona Brown) #smem
RT Russd3 RT @fema May 5 – For more on social media in emergency management (#smem), check out this blog post #smemhill
RT CyberlandGal @poplifegirl says tons of online volunteers can help responders make sense of the diluge of info & make better decisions #smem #smemhill
“Revise current community management doctrine to include … #socmed” @poplifegirl DON’T BLOCK at workplace #smem
“We were also dismayed 2 find agencies have policies blocking workforce fr using #socmed tools 4 operational purposes.” @poplifegirl #smem
RT CyberlandGal @poplifegirl says if gov is not using #socialmedia in crisis risk missing critical info in operational picture #smem #smemhill
#socmed “it doesn’t come in in a nice easy-to read format” says @sdefrancis #smem
“One person staff, with crisis volunteers” @poplifegirl “We need to be able to work with the companies (that provide social media)” #smem
RT wharman RT @ajturner: “Social Media is becoming part of our operational DNA” – Suzy DeFrancis from American Red Cross #smemhill
BINGO! “When there isn’t a crisis, what kind of data can we gather ahead of time to be able to respond quickly?” Shona Brown in #smem Q&A
Also need to engage with #socmed leaders with large followings to have process / commitment to support / push msg in crisis #smem
“Is there a point where it’s too much info?” #smem “During a crisis, the river (of #socmed) is overflowing. Who’s creating the filters?”
Day to day, folk say don’t turn on geoloc for personal privacy, but in crisis need geoloc turned on. Uh, conflict? #smem
RT CyberlandGal @poplifegirl says no such thing as info. overload, only filter failure. Need filters based on data standards 2 fulfill needs #smem #smemhill
~90% of people in Haiti have cell phones. Gave money to people through their cell phones in tent communities. says @sdefrancis #smem
The Alabama Crowdmap #smem
Relationships for collaboration need to be built BEFORE crisis hits. #smem
#SMEM need to be tech early adopters and emergency managers! Be careful not to tie #smem to one particular technology because it’s moving…
“How can we make the (crisis crowd) response smarter?” @poplifegirl #smem Advance planning & standards, she says.
Great question about how to make critical information DISCOVERABLE in disasters #smem Librarians should be involved in this.
RT digiphile RT @ajturner geotagged social media & data can provide realtime, on the ground situational info. @poplifegirl #smem
I know abt the standardized structure 4 emergency tweets, but wish was made more overt> People Finder standard #smem
“What is the easiest way for (people who need help) to reach us? That’s what we want to use.” @sdefrancis at #smem
RT @noeldickover: How did google person finder get propogated? 1 way- #crisiscommons had a team of folks contacting everyone to switch #smem
RT NEMA_DC This river keeps running! @poplifegirl “River of information can run into a map that can provide critical info to em management” #smemhill
Crisis #socmed needs diversified staff so not limited to “when I am awake” says @poplifegirl #smem
“We don’t have any food / water!” “Well, yes they did, they just didn’t know where to find it. #SocMed let us find them” @sdefrancis #smem
RT bryanenberg By the time a press release hits the air it is already old news. Social Media is real time and needs real time management #SMEM
“If something is trending on Twitter, within 24 hours it is on CNN” @sdefrancis #smem
“Does #socmed cost money?” Umm, well, depends. Doesn’t have to, but definitely could, to be done right, be most effective @poplifegirl #smem
Great point! Need research on how to determine effective message structure. @poplifegirl #smem
RT CyberlandGal IMP. 2 AVOID INFO VOID ==> @rpreslar says #socialmedia allows info. 2 get 2 public in 15 minutes. Before it took 1 to 2 hrs. #smem #smemhill
RT DevonAlderton After 9/11 it took days before some WTC companies verified some survivors’ whereabouts. With planning, #smem could do in a day. Mentioned?
“Before / during / after these events” Important recognition of temporal context, all of those. #smem
What about how to ensure free perpetual access to these soc med resources for the public? And archives? #smem
“It’s not the tool, the data behind it, and the people behind the data.” < @poplifegirl GREAT!!!
Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) | #smem
Toolkits! Yes! Not that they aren’t there, but allow flexibility in guidelines is critical. @poplifegirl #smem
I am sitting at my desk, and started to applaud, then realized this was not the right place and no one around me knows abt the #smem event
RT DisasterManSC RT @NEMA_DC @poplifegirl: #smem isnt just the tool, it’s the data. And not just the data, but the people behind it. Can’t just have 1 leader
RT BrianHumphrey If you watched #smem #smemhill – you witnessed a turning point in #gov20