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Health Professions Education Day & Taubman Library Grand Opening

I just wanted to say how button-busting proud I am of last week’s Health Professions Education Day and the Grand (re)-Opening of our library. There was an enormous amount of content related to both, so I made them into two separate Storify. The #HPEDay collection includes a rich overview of the innovative and collaborative approach to health education across all seven of the University of Michigan schools and colleges (dentistry, kinesiology, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and social work), with rich visionary insights into professional ethics and leadership. Profound, and worth a slow deep exploration. The Taubman Health Sciences Library re-opening collection includes many images from tours of the new building which was designed to support these visions. Enjoy!

If you have specific questions, feel free to post them below, and perhaps they can trigger additional blogposts that go into more detail about specifics.

[Updated Sept22 to correct list of participating schools & colleges.]


Candy Chang! Candy Chang! “Liveblogged”

Candy Chang

Last night I went to see Candy Chang’s presentation at the Michigan Theater. I wanted to tweet & Storify, but the network connection was hideous, so instead I took notes. It’s too much work to rewrite them (remember? bum arm?), so instead I’m just pasting them in here as if I’d liveblogged.

Penny Stamps Lecture
Winter 2014

Candy Chang
Transforming our Cities
UM alum

February 18 is close of newest Stamps Exhibits

Candy’s new book in lobby
free stickers

Candy Chang


Dylan Box
Wedge Detroit
world’s longest hopscotch course
Nature of social conversation
shallow vs “safety of our neighborhood”
what inspires rich conversations?
easy to be apathetic
how to create meaningful interactions?
Part Streek art
before I die murals
senior TED fellow
art, conversation, design brought to the masses

Candy Chang


got arrested for graffiti in ann Arbor

“please disturb”
before I died
looking for love again
a confession

“I am a shy introvert, actually”
the voice of the community turns out to be the loudest person
how to include the shy and excluded

Joseph Campbell
the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are

jealous of people who felt certain of their path
“i liked a lot of different things, afraid I’d be mediocre at them all”

reading Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean
story of bigger things, where good ideas come from

man named Joseph Paxton in England
giant water lily
special structure, cross ridged
lilypad holds five kids
made crystal palace for 1851
Joseph the gardner became Joseph the architect

Waterlily with Child, by PaxtonCrystal.Palace.Paxton.Plan

make our own disciplines out of the bits and pieces we are interested in
child artwork of book covers
as a child, I wanted to be an artist
“doesn’t scream stability”

started out as premed, with a D+ (encouraging a change of plan)
architecture as a creative compromise
doubled with graphic design
then later added urban planning

living in NYC near major street art nexus formed my feeling of how to engage in streetart

Sidewalk Psychiatry


sidewalk psychiatry “do you think that went well?”
Kierkegaard “above all do not lose your desire to walk”
temporary spray chalk
“does she know how you feel?”

NYTimes, Robert Moses
Jane Jacobs
“if this highway happened” lost Soho, Chinatown, etc.

Vendor Power!
street vendor guide PDF
ctr for urban pedagogy
Charles & Ray Eames

10K street vendors in NYC
vendors fined thousands for minor bioloations
design barriers to understanding (literacy)
Candy’s design solution

Downtown Vancouver, drug addicts

chalkboards in Johannesburg
diepsloot community news
“the value of being scrappy”
working with what you have

lampposts as unofficial billboards for community news

document fliers around new york
compare to online forums

“internet as public space” information commons

post-it-notes for neighbors
“I’ve lived”

Nokia in Helsinki Finland

translate needs & behaviors into services & resources (?)

Candy Chang


TED fellowship
New Orleans
criminal justice
shotgun houses so cute I want to pet them
hybrid businesses (Balcony Guest House)
underutilized spaces in our cities

what do we really want?
“I wish this was” free stickers to put on abandoned buildings
post on flickr
tag them
stickers went MIA
posted blank stickers on vacant buildings

“trying to figure out a buildings identity”

I use cheap tools because I wanted to use what I had
other benefits
reveal personality that gets lost with digital tools
better tools to come together to shape the development of our communities
prove customer base

new orleans neighborland online tool
what you want in your city

night market
petitions that change policy
gather feedback

strategic planning


“big white van”

Cosmos by Carl Sagan on Netflix
original EPCOT logo tattooed on her arm
public art
Two Guns right after route 66

“sweeping carnage of the US”
booms and busts

lots of abandoned buildings
accepted part of our landscape
“My memories of the Polaris Buildings”
“My hopes for the Polaris Building”
fresh produce
downtown development association
“I would have saved more of the budget for the aftermath”
keep people posted on the project and whats going on today
games, love, meaningful part of life

“there’s a lot more meaning we could share”

Candy Chang's "Before I Die" project


I lost someone who was like a mother to me

getting permission from
neighborhood association
city officials
“I’m not alone as I try to make sense of my life”
“people are around all the time, the block is safer now”

450 walls in over 60 countries stenciled in over 30 languages
Avant de mourir
bevor ich sterbe moche ich

open prompts
trust building
compassionate city
“death is something we don’t think about”

Carl Jung
it’s easier to go to mars than to penetrate ones own being
“the goal of life is individualtion, the process of coming to know, giving expression to, and harmonizing the various parts of the psyche. Each human being has a specific nature and calling”

Confessions-3-booths-Candy Chang


“what happens in vegas stays in vegas”
Shinto prayer walls
wooden plaque
post secret
confession bootsh

“when we feel anxiety or fear or confusion, we hide it ”
“what if we could create more safe spaces to share”
“you’re not alone”

“some of the first gathering places were graves in sacred graves. we came together to grieve together”

“our public spaces are as profound as we allow them to be”

“the world becoems more rewarding when you let yourself look beyond what you’re searching for.”
“embrace serendipity”
curious, tried things out, kept an open mind



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At the Movies: Citizen Science

Science Nation – Citizen Science: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rlcl85_gLR8

This video from the National Science Foundation focuses on the citizen science project, NestWatch, which coincidentally gives you another way to spend time. They have what is probably the world’s largest collection of web cams focused on bird’s nests. They also have a large collection of videos of nesting birds from the Macaulay Library. In nesting season, you could easily spend an enormous amount of time watching baby birds. The citizen scientists, however, do the daily checks, and keep data allowing the scientists to compare these nesting families to the behavior of their great-great-great grandparents. The most important line from the video:

“We need to be looking at these problems at very large geographic scales, and the only way to do that is with citizen science.”

Annotating the Deep Sea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMrTXA2cXno

Census of Marine Life … concluded that the deep ocean is vastly underrepresented in their marine species database, the largest in the world. Undiscovered species are estimated to be 70%-80% of all marine species…. It’s likely that 700,000-800,000 species remain unknown.”

Panamath: Keeping Track of Football: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtF4zg7HjGA

And now for something a little different. Panamath, a citizen science math understanding project, has a lot of videos showing some of the things they’ve learned about how people think mathematically. This one talks about how our brains juggle all the information needed to understand what’s happening in a football game.

University Rink Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3IxAfgpa-o

Or maybe what you really want to be watching is hockey! Or even better, playing it! Well, there is a citizen science project for hockey, too. Scientists are concerned about the potential impact of global warming on outdoor hockey rinks, and have set up a citizen science project called RinkWatch to gather data on backyard rinks in northern climes.

iSeeChange: The Almanac: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTjqtlWTFmk

“Whoa! Suddenly we have dust on snow, and well, that was a freaky Spring, and then the next Spring, and then the next Spring…. So something has changed. we’ve flipped some trigger, and now we’ve got this new paradigm.”

“We’re coming out of an ice age. We OUGHT to be warming up!” “Why now? Why do they all of a sudden think man is causing this?”

“Every year is different. Are you curious to know HOW different? We can find answers. Together.”

NYSL: Alexandra Horowitz on “Inside of a Dog”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGFJRzI3O3A

I couldn’t find a video promoting this citizen science project, but I did find this video explaining the sorts of information they hope the project will generate and help them understand. This is a lecture by Alexandra Horowitz about her popular book on how dog’s think. How they want to study dog cognition is by having people videotape themselves playing with their dog, and then upload it to the site for “Project: Play With Your Dog.” What a cool name is that for a science project?