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Using Twitter to Counteract Hype (#Ebola) – Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): (Week of August 4, 2014)

Ebola virionsEbola virus particles
From Wikimedia Commons: Ebola virions; Ebola virus particles

In the last week, I don’t think there has been a moment when the trending hashtags display on my Twitter page has NOT listed “Ebola.” This is in part due to the attention resulting from two American healthcare providers having been infected with the Ebola virus while providing care, and partly also from the newest update from WHO on the outbreak in West Africa, which lists over 1500 cases and almost 900 deaths. People are panicking, and the press is going wild. This is a great opportunity to show how healthcare professionals and the broader healthcare Twitter community is using the #Ebola hashtag to help alleviate concerns and moderate anxiety, by providing informed balanced reliable information. Each of the tweets included in this post is considered a popular tweet which has already been retweeted several times and/or favorited by people reading the tweet. If you want to help calm things down, you might consider retweeting or sharing some of these popular tweets on the topic.

lores Ebola Zaire CDC Photo
From Wikimedia Commons: Ebola case #3, 1976

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UM Plays a Part in National News Around #CerebralPalsySwagger — Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): (Week of June 9, 2014)

The Cerebral Palsy Swagger
Cerebral Palsy Swagger: https://www.facebook.com/cerebralpalsyswagger

It doesn’t happen that often that a Twitter hashtag about health blows up into a national news story, and even less often that this will happen with an event hinged around the University of Michigan! Many thanks to my colleague Anna Schnitzer for bringing this to my attention, and please excuse us if this post is a little more “feel good” than usual. The story is about two brothers, Hunter and Braden Gandee, who went on a journey last weekend to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. 7-yr-old Braden was carried by his 14-yr-old brother, Hunter, for 40 miles, from the Michigan-Ohio border to the University of Michigan Bahna Wrestling Center in Ann Arbor. The news loved it, beginning with local stories (M-Go Blue, and MLive), then taking off across the US, from the Detroit Free Press to Fox News, NBC News, People Magazine, the Today Show, and even ESPN and Canada! And here comes the buzz from Twitter (mostly pictures, with reactions from real people around the country).

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Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): #HCSM, the One Stop Shop for Health News (Week of November 18, 2013)

If I’m counting correctly, this will be the 70th post in the HOTW series. In honor of that milestone, I thought I’d profile #HCSM. #HCSM stands for Health Care Social Media, but because it is one of the most senior and most used of all health hashtags, many people use it to discuss broader concepts and to simply bring news and events to the attention of other people tracking healthcare information on Twitter. Basically, if you want to use Twitter to promote information, ideas, events, or anything else related to healthcare, you should probably send a tweet out to #hcsm. It is also my number one favorite and most used hashtag in my own personal Twitter activities.

The HCSM tag and community have proven so successful that they have generated innumerable spinoffs, in other countries and languages, for specific events or conferences, and more. Actually, we are hoping to get a #HCSMMI going, for the Michigan area HCSM community. In the meantime, just to show some of the breadth and activity of the HCSM community, check out this list of related tags.

#hcsm – Health Care Social Media
#hcsmanz – HCSM Australia & New Zealand
#hcsmasia – HCSM Asia
#hcsmat – HCSM Austria
#hcsmca – HCSM Canada
#hcsmcourse – HCSM Course
#hcsmeu – HCSM, Europe
#hcsmeues – HCSM, Europe, Spain
#hcsmeufr – HCSM, Europe, France
#hcsmforum – HCSM Forum
#hcsmfr – HCSM French
#hcsmgbc – HCSM GBC (Global Camp)
#hcsmglobal – HCSM Global
#hcsmglobalcamp – HCSM Global Camp
#hcsmhanys – HCSM Healthcare Association of New York State
#hcsmin – HCSM India
#hcsmla – HCSM Latin America
#hcsmny – HCSM New York
#hcsmreview – HCSM Review
#hcsmse – HCSM Sweden
#hcsmsv – HCSM Silicon Valley
#hcsmtx – HCSM Texas
#hcsmua – HCSM Ukraine
#hcsmuk – HCSM United Kingdom
#hcsmvac – HCSM Vaccination
#thcsm – Tactical HCSM

Here are some tweets from HCSM this past week.

HCSM is also how I find people to follow, tweets like this, listing new activities and hashtags to follow in healthcare.

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