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Here you have found PF Anderson, the Emerging Technologies Librarian for the University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries. In a previous (and much beloved incarnation) I was the Head Librarian for the UM Dentistry Library. I spent a lot of years there doing a lot of very cool and rewarding things, about which you can easily find out more if you dig a bit.

While I was there I began using a variety of social media tools to help streamline communications with the School of Dentistry, update content on our website, replace newsletters, etc. All that lead to my current position, where I think of myself as something like a native scout reporting back in the middle of the night to leaders of a troop headed for the frontlines, and disappearing again by dawn.

On the personal side, I am a single parent of a special needs kid, and I used to have a lot of fascinating hobbies and a house that was a whole lot cleaner. If you want to know more, you can always follow me over at FriendFeed. If I find some leisure time, someday I might spruce up this bio a bit more with some professional details. In the meantime, check out the blog.

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14 responses to “About the ETechLib

  1. My youngest daughter had a “learning disability” … she had some sort of parasite at age 3. Funny thing? The most amazing Monty Python sense of humor! And huh huh she’s happy / productive / successful _accountant_! Go figure.


  2. Hi-
    I wante to make sure you didn’t miss plain language Spanish- http://www.lenguajeciudadano.gob.mx/


  3. Dear Ms. Anderson: I’d like to request blanket permission to use portions (or all) of posts on this blog within the Library Leadership Network. This always includes a direct attribution and link back to the original post and, when I remember, email noting the use. Let me know if this is OK or if you have questions. My email: waltcrawford at gmail.com


  4. I wanted to ask permission to add your blog to our data visualization tool, under the blogs category is that is OK http://www.labgrab.com/boxGraph


    • I’d be honored! I just discovered your visualization browsing tool earlier this evening, and am intrigued and sometimes a bit frustrated. Great for playing around, but I’m not convinced it is so good for actually finding things! This will certainly get me to play with it more. 🙂


  5. I appreciate the opportunity to glean from such a knoweldable professional.


  6. Hi,

    I was looking to see if you had done a posting on “Places and Spaces: Mapping Science”–an exhibition curated by Katy Borner at Indiana University (COI Statement: my boss). Did you happen to blog about that subject? It didn’t pop up in lazy searches.

    By the way, I notice you’re a Douglas Engelbart fan–Katy’s new book, Atlas of Science: Visualizing What We Know (MIT: Fall 2010) has a nice, though short, section on him as a pioneer of knowledge organization, etc…




  7. I’ve worked on the Atlas over the past two years–it is a phenomenal book, and I’m glad you’re excited to see it. MIT is bringing it out at a very reasonable price point (VERY reasonable).

    We’ve initially arranged for Places and Spaces to be at UM in the Spring of 2011–including the 6th iteration. Hopefully, Dr. Borner will be there to give an introductory speech, as she did at the exhibit’s opening at the Univ. of Florida (slides here: http://ivl.slis.indiana.edu/presentations/ –look under 2010 presentations at “Overview of the Upcoming Atlas of Science” [May 06] and “Maps at an Exhibition, exhibit opening [Mar 18])

    and, by the way, I bet most porn is more expensive than this incredible Atlas will be…!


    • I dunno. I don’t buy porn, but given that it is for sale at the corner gas station and such, I had the impression it cost about as much as a regular magazine. We are very excited about the exhibit coming here. Several campus groups partnering on it, which is awesome. Most of the Atlases I try to buy are at least several tens of dollars. Whoa! Just checked the price in Amazon – $20!!! OK, on order NOW!!!!


  8. Hello, I’m a reporter for Colorado Public Radio working on a story about mobile health technology, specifically an app called iTriage that you mentioned in a twitter post. I’m thinking you could be a good source if you’re game. Would love to chat on the phone for a few minutes today if you have time.
    Eric Whitney
    Health Reporter
    Colorado Public Radio


  9. Much thanks for following First Night Design!


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