Hashtag of the Week (HOTW): Open Everything! (Week of October 21, 2012)

First posted at the THL blog: http://thlibrary.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/hashtag-of-the-week-hotw-open-everything-week-of-october-21-2012/

You’ve already heard about Open Access Week. My favorite quote so far was the one from Jack Bernard selected by Irina for yesterday’s blogpost:

“Copyright doesn’t graft well onto – what’s that term? Oh, yeah – reality.“

Nice. And, as has been becoming overwhelming obvious in the halls of academia and environments of publishing and scholarly productivity, very true. So, the focus today is going to be about what’s the buzz on Twitter around Open Access Week. As partial evidence of the range of communities surrounding this topic and how they express themselves, I’d like to point out the variety of of hashtags being used to discuss this (#openaccess, #OA, #OAweek, #OAweek2012, #OAweek12, #oaw, #oa12, and then it gets complicated).

… and there are a lot, LOT more. Both tweets AND tags!

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