3d Printing in Medical Libraries (& Where Have I Been, Anyway?!)

3D Printing and Medical Libraries,: http://www.slideshare.net/umhealthscienceslibraries/3dprintingpreso

Last September, Kim Barker and I were invited to present a webinar on 3d printing for medical librarians. I focused on history, evolution, and context, while Kim focused on practical implementation. It makes for a nice combination!

What is 3D Printing and Why Your Library May Be Interested? (TechTime Session): http://nnlm.gov/mar/blog/2013/09/13/what-is-3d-printing-and-why-your-library-may-be-interested-techtime-session-2/ Archive: http://nnlm.gov/mar/training/techtime_recordings.html

We had a surprisingly large audience at that time (just shy of 140), and then it took off! We’ve been invited to repeat the presentations for several other audiences, including a repeat for VALNET, the library network of the Veterans Administration (which had a repeat audience of over 50). We’ve been repeating and expanding the presentations both in tandem (the two of us) and separately, focusing on our respective areas. One of the invitations came from Shannon Bohle of the SciLogs (Nature.com) blog, Scientific and Medical Libraries as a request to write a guest post for the blog.

This was exciting, but also took a lot longer than expected because I injured my shoulder in an accident while riding the bus shortly before the original presentation. That’s why I haven’t really been blogging much, if at all, at any of my many blogs. Typing hurts, especially if I do much of it. We are still sorting out ergonomic accommodations while I’m recovering from the injury, the surgeon said “not yet,” and then to make things even more complicated our library is in the process of moving to another building during renovation. More on these later. I foresee posts on envisioning future libraries as well as accessibility and disability in social media. I have MANY topics I’ve been wanting to blog about, and feel bloated with things I want to share and tell folk about and discuss!

For now, the long delayed post at SciLogs just went live. It starts like this.

I’ve been lobbying for a while for medical libraries to start exploring the uses and skillsets within 3D printing. I’ve been watching the technology develop and seeing trends that make me think we (medical librarians) need to be paying attention. Trends like patients making their own assistive technology at home, and healthcare professionals using 3D printers to make tissue scaffolds that save people’s lives. But let me step back a moment and talk first about what the heck this is, and how it is different from ‘regular’ (2D) printing.

It continues with sections on these topics:

What is 3D printing?
Where are we now?
3D-Printing to Equalize Access
Beyond “Access” to “Beauty”
Sharing & Finding Printable Patterns
What Libraries Can Do

and includes videos, slide decks, search strategies, search engines, data visualizations, citations, and tons of resources. To see the whole thing, you’ll want to go here:

SciLogs: Scientific and Medical Libraries: 3D Printing and Medical Libraries: http://www.scilogs.com/scientific_and_medical_libraries/3d-printing-and-medical-libraries/

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