100,000? 100,000!

Tuesday, very late in the day, this blog passed 100,000 views.

ETechLib Blog Views January 18, 2013

That is, of course, 100,000 views here on WordPress, and doesn’t count the views from the earlier location, so it is almost certainly more. It also doesn’t count views of any of my other blogs, so I don’t quite know what this means as a landmark, other than that it IS a landmark. (It also has 599 comments, and I’m really looking forward to number 600, but I probably won’t blog about that. 😉 )

The biggest day EVER (April 29, 2009) had 706 views, mostly divided between three posts:

1. MedlinePlus vs. healthfinder: Must We Choose?
2. iGoogle for Tracking Swine Flu
3. iGoogle Tabs, Continued: iGoogle Tools for Life Science Researchers

Curiously, those posts got attention as timely matters, but did not necessarily maintain traction over time. I’ve been very surprised by which posts (of the 475 currently on the blog) have ended up being the most viewed over time. Here are my top dozen (minus the “About” page, homepage, and category pages).

1. Making a Facebook Group or Fan Page? 5 Essential Tips
2. Seven Things Grownups Think They Know About Whooping Cough (But Don’t)
3. Liblime Versus Koha: What Is The Libraryland Opposite of Open Source?
4. Pondering Prezi
5. Social Media Metrics
6. MedlinePlus vs. healthfinder: Must We Choose?
7. What I Most Want to (Be Able To) Find in the New Pubmed (Pubmeds Compared)
8. iGoogle Gadgets Beyond Google!: Plain Language Medical Dictionary
9. Google’s Accessibility Message Comes Through Loud and Clear
10. Obama’s University of Michigan Commencement Speech
11. Systematic Reviews: Methodology, Overview, Sharing
12. Tools for Learning: Flashcards? Really?

The top-ranked most-viewed post on Facebook groups has 21,051 views right now, over four times as many as the second-ranked post on whooping cough (4,388 views). For both of those two, however, there is not a day that I check stats or views where they aren’t listed. I personally find myself bemused by which posts get the views, and don’t really have a strategy for getting lots of views, other than to try to post consistently, and (duh!) if you post first in your community on a timely issue, that gets views. For most of these top posts, what I see is that, at the time they were written, they were timely — emerging issues, or prominent in the news.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be here at all without you, the readers. I am grateful to those of you who read these posts, share them, retweet them, engage in conversation around them. Most of my conversations around these posts seems to be happening in Twitter rather than on the blog itself, so remember you can find me at @pfanderson. If you are curious to know more about the stats for this blog, check out the “Annual Report.”

ETechLib: Annual Report: https://etechlib.wordpress.com/2012/annual-report/


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